We are a permaculture-inspired, family-owned farm, with a focus on regenerative farming. We grow without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbacides, fungacides or insectacides.

Our natural army of over 1 million predator bugs are deployed annually to help mitigate any and all pest problems. 


Our main crop is hemp, high in CBD, & CBG content. We are currently offering services for hemp farms including: planting and drying services as well as assistance with acquiring

buyers for your crop.

We team up with some of the brightest minds in the field to ensure that we go above and beyond to provide pristine growing conditions and a nutrient regimen tailored to our genetics. Daily walks through the fields allow us to react to the environment and weather accordingly.

We welcome tours on the farm during the season, and are happy to share any knowledge we have with you. It is truly awesome to grow such a beautiful crop and to nurture it from seed all the way through the curing process. Getting it ready for human consumption is an art we take great pride in. 

Along with all the hard work that went into our fields, we were also truly blessed to have a Reiki Master that provided energy work that guided each of our plants through their life cycles.

Our Team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals looking to grow together and we are excited for others to

join and grow with us in years to come!



Crop Planting

- Site preparation

- Irrigation plan

- Nutrient regimen

- Harvest and sale of crops

- Consulting 

Drying Services

Flower Sales

- Drying services for crops

- Assistance to sell crops

- Sale of our indoor and outdoor-grown CBD. 

- Small batch and large scale wholesale options available.



A collection of photos from our Hemp farm

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