Welcoming ourselves to the world wide web

It's of great pleasure that we are launching our line to the public. Months of hard work went into formulating, designing, and dealing with all the logistics of packaging and shipping. We are here and here to stay. Our mission is to get the highest quality product for the cheapest possible price point. We are fortunate enough to be able to have our hands and love infused into each and every seed and get to nurture it all the way through harvest, drying, curing, and processing into the purest of distillates and isolates for use in our formulations. By working together with other small farmers and a few of the processing giants we are able to ensure the lowest price points available for our quality. More important is that we want each and every one of our customers (future friends & family) to be able to learn and understand how to best use and make our products part of your daily life. It is of upmost importance that you know that we are here to work with you to help guide you to use any of our items to best suit your need. We are each different, don't be shy. Feel free to write, text or call us . We learn through teaching, so please ask us any question you have. Mom always says: "Only stupid question is the one not asked"

Wishing everyone Peace Love and Health

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